Monday, October 13, 2008

An International Art Competition for children to design a UN stamp on the theme ”We can end poverty” - "مسابقة عالمية "بامكاننا معنا القضاء على الفقر

"Always engaging, often skillful beyond expectation and sometimes revealing of a national style or tradition, the artwork embodies the hopes and dreams of the world’s children for the eradication of poverty."
Teresa Fasolino, Illustrator, judge for the Competition

The International Children’s Art Competition was organized by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs in collaboration with the Department of Public Information and the United Nations Postal Administration to commemorate the INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ERADICATION OF POVERTY and the first UNITED NATIONS DECADE FOR THE ERADICATION OF POVERTY. The children were to design a United Nations stamp on the theme “WE CAN END POVERTY.”

Over 12,000 children from all over the world participated in the Competition. Through their artwork, the children demonstrated enormous creativity, skills, thoughtfulness and concern for the poor. They show us that poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon and a variety of actions can lead to its eradication.

Trying to depict the theme of the Competition “We can end poverty” the majority of children tell us that the richer countries and individuals should help those in need. They depict solidarity, cooperation and fairness as key values indispensable for ending poverty. Many children point to the existence of inequality and divisions in the world and suggest greater sharing and unity. Many give emphasis to the importance of love and compassion. Numerous entries depict the significance of education for poverty eradication. Children from developing countries often show the importance of small-scale farming for self-sufficiency. Many children think that employment, urbanization and the promotion of technology can help end poverty. A number of children, in particular children from countries in conflict, stress that the world needs peace and security to end poverty.

In children’s words:

"People are poor not because they are lazy, but because of war, famine, natural disasters…What they hope for is actually very simple: good harvest, peace, education, technology and health. That’s all they ask so why don’t we help them?" Au Yeung Ching, age 15, China

Nobody should be imprisoned by poverty and violence. Education and reaching out to each other is the ladder to step out of poverty and into peace and a bright future.” Sonja Mohr, age 15, Namibia

“Find work – give work – work together to end poverty” Mariyam Azka Hassan, age 6, USA

We can end poverty by developing our talents.” Dimas Ananda, age 9, Indonesia

“We can end poverty if our grown-ups stop spending money for arms and bombs…” Bahtiyar Aliyev, age 9, Azerbaijan

Educating women is the best way to prevent poverty” Iaasha Siraj, age 8, Maldives

For more details and to see the 6 Winning Stamp Designs and others, log to:

"بامكاننا معنا القضاء على الفقر"
"مسابقة عالمية للاطفال لتصميم طابع تذكاري بمناسبة "يوم القضاء على الفقر

اقامت منظمة الامم المتحدة مسابقة بين الاطفال من سن 5-15 سنة لتصميم طابع تذكارى بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للقضاء على الفقر
يجب ان يعبر تصميم الطابع عن هذا المعنى: نستطيع معا القضاء على الفقر
هذا وقد شارك اكثر من 12.000 طفل من مختلف انحاء العالم، ومن خلال رسومات هؤلاء الاطفال يخبرونا عن اسباب تفشي الفقر وطرق مبتكرة لحلوله
استطاع الاطفال ان يبرزوا مسئولية الدول الغنية والافراد الاغنياء عن الحد من الفقر عن طريق تقديم المساعدات الفعالة، ايضا الحد من التسلح وارساء العدالة بين افراد البشر، والتعاون والمشاركة والمحبة، والخدمة هى من انجعل الطرق لانهاء الفقر من العالم.
كما اشار بعض الاطفال الى اهمية التعليم كوسيلة فعالة ،كما يعتقد آخرين بقدرة الوسائل العلمية والتكنولوجية على الحد من الفقر عن طريق استخدامها فى زيادة الغذاء وتحسين الصحة وغيرها.
أما الاطفال الذين يعيشون فى مناطق النزاعات فقد صرحوا بالوانهم وتصميماتهم عن حقيقة ان تحقيق السلام العالمي وتوفيرالامان هو الوسيلة الاكثر اهمية لمحو الفقر نهائيا من على وجة الارض


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